3,4 Fevereiro


Sábado, 3 Fevereiro

Mammal Hands – “Hourglass”

Bill Laurance – “The Pines”

Donald Byrd – “(Falling Like) Dominoes”

Kevin Moore – “Speak Your Mind”

One Way – “Get It Over”

Weldon Irvine – “I love you”

Lonnie Smith – “What’s Done Is Done”

Christian Gaubert – “Sweet Maryline”

Le Pamplemousse – “I’ve been watching You”

Ned Doheny – “Sing to Me”

Penny Goodwin – “Too soon you’re old”

Malachi Thompson -“Street Dance”


Domingo, 4 Fevereiro

Menagerie – “The Arrow of Time”

Harold Vick – “Don’t Look Back”

Sharon Redd – “Maiden Voyage”

Quintessence – “Breeze”

Cornelius Bumpus – “Inside You”

Chuck Mahaffay & The Individuals – “Hot Night in Hong Kong”

Gloria Jay – “Know What You Want”

Eldee Young – “Mr. Kicks”

Kalima – “Land of Dreams”

Basil Kirchin & John Coleman – “The New Breed”

John Coltrane – “Giant Steps”

Mark Murphy – “This could be the Start of Something New”


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