24, 25 Fevereiro


Sábado, 24 Fevereiro

The Cuba Libre Allstars – “Valdez in the Country”

Arnold Blair -“Finally Made it Home”

Aretha Franklin -“Rock Steady”

Olli Ahvenlahti – “Grandma’s Rocking Chair”

Brylho – “Se Voce For A Salvador”

Erasmo Carlos – “Gloriosa”

Assagai – “Cocoa”

Family Brown – “Dig the music”

LaMont Johnson – “Ccalypso Affter Nine”

The Interpreters -“Time Is Of The Essence”

Takuya Kuroda – “Everybody loves the Sunshine

Hiroshi Suzuki- “Romance”


Domingo, 25 Fevereiro

Spade Brigade -“i’m your man”

Push – “You Turn Me On”

Jackie Orszaczky – “Friends of Mrs S”

Renee Geyer – “Be there in the morning”

Leon Ware – “What’s Your World”

Momie O – “You’re Welcome, Stop On by”

Althea Forest & Togetherness – “Hey Mister”

Stephen Encinas – “disco illusion”

Francois Nyombo -“I’m cool”

Ann_Peebles -“Somebody’s On Your Case”

J A L N Band – “Let’s Do It Now”

George Gwen Mcrae – “The Rub”

Jack Sass Band – “Where is the Love”


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