10, 11 Março


Sábado, 10 Março

Lou Bond – “Why must our eyes always be turned backwards”

War – “Ballero”

Roy Porter Sound Machine – “Out on the Town Tonite”

Hummingbird – “You Can’t Hide Love”

California Flight Project – “California Flight”

Aaron Broomfield – “I’m Gonna Miss Ya”

Benitez and Nebula – “We Are the One”

Marilyn Scott – “Dreams Of Tomorrow”

Hermeto Pascoal- “Mixing Pot”

Mustafa Ozkent – “Burcak”

Keither Florence & The Associates – “Free”

Midnight Express – “Danger zone”

Catalyst – “Jabali”


Domingo, 11 março

Darondo – “How I Got Over”

Celia – Azucri”

Sun Ra – “Days of Happiness”

Phil Ranelin- “Sound from the village”

Creative Source – “I’m gonna get there”

Ruby & The Mudflaps – “Breezy”

Baker Brothers – “Once i had a friend”

Dolly Way And The Space Ship Earth – “Don’t Stop”

Executive Jam – “I’m Into Your Love”

Big Apple Band – “Party & Get On Down”

Sambrasa Trio- “Lamento nortista”

Michael Garrick – “Ursula”

Harold Mcnair – “The Hipster”

Obie Jessie Quartet – “Black king wus”

Nina Simone – “Sinnerman”

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