24, 25 Março


Sábado, 24 Março

Babadu- “All I’ve Got To Give”

Skye – “Ain’t No Need”

Norman Connors – “She’s Gone”

Veda – “What It’s All About”

Total Experience – “Contradiction”

Darrow Fletcher – “The Rising Cost of Love”

Bili Thedford – “Excitement”

Pegasus – “Dance with me”

Wayne Carter & Organ Twisters – “Mad Mouth Woman”

Smoke Sugar Company – “Save A Little Love For A Rainy Day”

Brass Consctruction- “Music Makes You Feel Like Dance”

Mellow Madness – “Save the youth”

Powerful People- “(Little Girl) Say Yes”

Margie Joseph – “I Can’t Move No Mountains”


Domingo, 25 Março

Roy Ayers – “Chicago”

Crossfire – “Party Down”

Con Funk Shun ‎– “Loveshine”

Freedom – “Sunshine”

Leno Philips – “I like my Birdie”

Lemuria- “Hollywood Dreaming”

Manzel- “It’s over now”

Nancy Holloway – “Hurt So Bad”

Wabiné – “Sail on”

Savanna – “Never let you go”

Nigel Martinez – “Better things to come”

Hudson People – “Trip to your mind”

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