14, 15 Abril


Sábado, 14 Abril

The Pharoahs- “Freedom Road”

Nathan Davis – “Happy Girl”

Nathan Davis – “Latin happ’n (suite for dr. martin luther king, jr.)

Robert lamm – “Love song”

L.A. Boppers – “Is this the best”

Glenn Jones and the Modulations – “He is so good”

Brenda – “Natureza Viva”

Sandra de Sá – “Guarde Minha Voz”

Gary Wilson – “You Were Too Good To Be True”

Stan Ivory – “Come Live with Me”

Hodges, James & Smith – “Here Is Where Your Love Belongs”

Mark Murphy – “Sly”


Domingo, 15 Abril

Prince – “Sometimes it Snows in April”

Cecil Taylor – “Wallering”

Cecil Taylor – Rick kick show”

Leon Thomas – “China Doll”

Andrew Hill – “Poinsettia”

George Soule – “Talkin’ About Love”

Minnie Riperton – “Les fleur”

Pharoah Sanders – “Origin”

Family of Eve – “Please be Truthful”

L J Reynolds – “Say You Will”

Natural Four – “Eddie you should know better”

Blackbyrds – “Mysterious Vibes”

Altay Veloso – “Debora”

Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight ‎– “Cumulo Nimbus”

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