28, 29 Abril


Sábado, 28 Abril

Nancy Wilson – “I’m in love”

Sun – “Dance (Do What You Wanna Do)”

The Minits- “Still a Part of Me”

Bobby Womack – “Trust Your Heart”

Clifford Coulter – “Don’t Wanna see you cry”

Don Cherry – “Universal Mother”

Harold Vick – “Senor Zamora”

Chain Reaction – “Search For Tomorrow”

Kano – “Can’t Hold Back Your Lovin'”

Lost Family – “Blow My Mind”

Starfire – “Make the most of it”

Bob Dorough -“Yardbird Suite” (Charlie Parker)


Domingo, 29 Abril

Hidden Strenght – “I Don’t Want To be a Lone Banger”

Magnum – “Evolution”

Morning Noon & Night – “Feelin’ strong”

Carl Hall – “What About You”

Inner Circle – “Jah Music”

Kitty Winter – “New Morning”

Patrice Rushen – “Kickin’ Back”

Chocolate Snow – “A Day In the Life”

The Shider Family Band ‎– “Keep You Burning”

Trace of Smoke – “Treasure Mind”

The Propositions – “Africana”

Billy Jones & Solat – “You’re Gonna Miss Me”

Gerson King Combo – “God Save the King”

100% Pure Poison – “Windy C”

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