12, 13 Maio


Sábado, 12 Maio

Love Transfusion – “Stands To Reason”

Marlena Shaw – “I’m back for more”

Marshall Titus – “Wrap Myself Up In Your Arms”

Sun Palace – “Rude Movements”

Odyssey -“Battened Ships”

PAZ – “Laying Eggs”

Bebeto – “Mister Brown”

James Brown – “You Took My Heart”

First Class – “Filled with Desire”

Lee Oskar – “Feelin’ Happy”

Stephanie Mills -“You Can’t Run From My Love”

Delegation – “Oh honey”

James Mason – “I Want Your Love”


Domingo, 13 Maio

American Gypsy – “Golden Ring

C. Henry Woods Troupe – “The Stranger”

Jobell & Orchestra – “Never Gonna Let You Go”

Sharon Revoal – “Reaching For Our Star”

Rasputin Stash – “I Can Feel Your Jones”

Leroy Hutson -Cool Out”

Herbie Hancock – “Promise of the Sun”

Azimuth – “Tempos Atras”

The Rimshots- “Takin it”

Timothy McNealy – “Sagittarius Black”

Sharon Paige – “New to You”

Dexter Wansel – “Life on mars”

MFSB – “Mysteries Of The World”

Potion – “Catch The Feelin'”

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