19, 20 Maio


Sábado, 19 Maio

Breakwater – “Feel Your Way”

Joe Thomas – “Low down”

Octavio Burnier – “Aproximação”

Tania Maria – “Funky Tamborim”

Takehiro Honda- “Greasy Spoon”

Noriko Miyamoto With Isao Suzuki – “My Life”

Jackson Conti – “Sao Paolo Nights”

Nathan Haines -“FM”

Stanley Clarke – “New York City”

The Sunburst Band – “The Easton Assassin”

Santiago – “Feeling Good”


Domingo, 20 Maio

Cristina Camargo – “Moral tem hora”

Orlandivo – “Onde anda o meu amor”

João Donato – “Tudo Jóia”

Nightwind – “Why Can’t We”

Dafe & Banda Black Rio – “Hello Mr. Wonder”

Junior Byron – “Sunshine”

The Willow Band – “Willowman”

Johnny Lytle -“Tawhid”

Perry & Sanlin – “Can’t Hide your Love”

The Whatnauts – “Help me on the way”

Ohio Players – “Ecstasy”

Steve Arrington – “Beddie Biey”

Soul Vibrations – “The Dump”

The Sylvers – We can make it if we try”

Pleasure – “Joyous”


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