26, 27 Maio


Sabado, 26 Maio

Tata Vega ‎- “Get It Up For Love”

Spank Chank Band – “Buffalo Funk”

Painel de Controle – “Relax”

Phyllis Hyman – “Living Inside Your Love”

Heatwave – “Ain’t No Half Steppin'”

Ice – “Reality”

Khemistry – “Can You Feel My Love”

The Clash – “The Magnificent Dance”

Edwin Birdsong – “Rapper Dapper Snapper”

The Shider Family Band ‎– “Keep You Burning”

The Brothers – “Under The Skin”

Ned Doheny – “What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me (demo with AWB)”


Domingo, 27 Maio

Homegrown Syndrome – “Confrontation”

Ambros Seelos Group – “Mabusso”

Som Nosso De Cada Dia- “Estação Da Luz”

Solid Gold Revue & Ray Crumley – “She’s So Good” Fluorescent Smogg – “All My Life”

Muscle Shoals Horns – “Open up your heart”

Mike Lundy – “The Rhythm of Life”

The Harden Brothers – “Deep Inside Of You”

Spank Chank Band – “Buffalo Funk”

Doc Severinsen – “Wanna be with you”

Con Funk Shun ‎– “Loveshine”

Arts & Craft – “I’ve Been Searching”

Ramona Brooks – “I don’t Want You Back”

Weldon Irvine – “Deja Vu”


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