9, 10 Junho


Sábado, 9

The Chosen Few Band – “What It Takes To Live”

Tony Bizarro – “Estou Livre”

Madeline Bell – “That’s What Friends Are For”

Arthur Adams – “I Can’t Believe My Eyes”

Bili Thedford – “Excitement”

Billy Wooten – “Chicago (Chicago Land)”

BT Express – “If It Don’t Turn You On (You Outta Leave It Alone)”

Deep Sensation – “Harlem 42nd”

Dom Salvador E Aboliciao – “Hei! Você”

Moacir Santos – “Off And On”

Linda Lewis – “Old Smokey”

Alice Clark – “Never Did I Ever Stop Loving You”

Grady Tate – “Moondance”

Open Sky Unit – “Sunshine Star”

Yvonne Gray – “Keep The Music Alive”

The Bar-Kays – “Feels Like I’m Falling In Love”


Domingo, 10

Little Beaver – “I Can Dig It Baby”

Lorez Alexandria – “Morning”

Noriko Miyamoto with Isao Suzuki – “My Life”

Spade Brigade – “I’m Your Man”

Dennis Mobley & Fresh Taste – “Superstition”

Intimate Disco – “Animations”

Bridge -“Stella”

Isaac Hayes – “Do Your Thing”

Bill Reddie – “No Man No”

Sons & Daughters Of Lite – “Let The Sunshine In”

General Lee – “We Did It”

David Ruffin – “I Got A Thing For You”

Ryo Kawasaki – “Trinkets & Things”

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