16, 17 Junho


Sábado, 16

Wynd Chymes – “Body Rap”

Dazzle – “You Dazzle Me”

George DukeI Want You For Myself”

Johnny Otis – “Dont It Make You Feel Good”

Jan Hammer Group – “Dont You Know”

Vitamin E – “Kiss Away”

Annie Blue – “Do You Wanna Do A Thing”

Cappy & Stonewall – “Bad News”

Claudia – “Salve, Rainha”

Manoel da Conceição – “Batucada Do Mané”

REQ – “Casa Forte”

Sam Beoble – “Look At Your Shoes”

Maze – “You”


Domingo, 17

Sónia Santos – “Menino Das Laranjas”

Leon Thomas – “Love Each Other”

Nu Art Quartet – “Black Bandit”

Eugene Smith & Warm Up Band – “In The Dark”

Willi J – “Boogie With Your Baby”

Tony Love – “Were Doing It together”

United 8 – “Getting Uptown”

Manfredo Fest – “Brazilian Dorian Dream”

Mandrake Som – “Soul Samba”

Ishola Muhammad – “Open Up Your Heart”

Soul Trobs – “Little Girl”

Flight – “Face To Face

Walt Barr – “First visit”

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