23, 24 Junho


Sábado, 23 

Ira Sullivan – “The Kingdom Within You”

Kalima – “(Where Is The) Sunshine”

Retta Young – “My Man Is On His Way”

Free Spirit – “Get On Up”

Mixed Generation Enterprize – “Take To The Sky”

Di Melo – “A.E.I.O.U.”

Sugar Bear Johnson – “When your Jones come down”

Reflections – “Reflex”

Panache – “Get Down To The Sweet Jazz Music”

Powerful People – “(Little Girl) Say Yes”


Domingo, 24

Marlon Hunter – “Did You Forget My Number”

Time Spectrum – “Slide Into Your Heart”

Syndicate Conveyance – “Gimme Your Love”

Lousie Murray – “Did You Notice”

Willie Tee – “Anticipation”

Lowrell – “Mellow, Mellow Right On”

Harvell Guiton – “My Dream”

Don Scott – “Love With Me”

Biosis Now – “Independent Bahamas”

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