14, 15 Julho


Sábado, 14 Julho

Quantic y Los Míticos del Ritmo – “Hotline Bling”

Chain Reaction – “Search For Tomorrow”  

Chicago Gangsters – “Feel Like Making Love”

Citrus Sun – “The Stallion Rides Again”

Mandrill – “It’s So Easy Loving You”

The Staples Feat. Curtis Mayfield – “Take This Love Of Mine”

Ripple – “Victorious” 

Bill Mason – “Gettin’ Off”

Patterson Twins – “I Need Your Love”   

Ernest Ranglin – “Freeway”

The Dynamic Tints – “Package of Love pt1”

People’s Choice – “A Mellow Mood”

Pat Stallworth – “Questions ( pt1)”

Yazmin Lacey – “90 Degrees”


Domingo, 15 Julho

High Fashion – “Feelin’ Lucky Lately”

Skyy – “Here’s To You”

Pure Funk -“Nothing Left is Real”

Cortex- “I Heard A Sigh”

Nu-Cleus – “Needing A Woman”

kamaal Williams – “Broken Theme”

Kamasi Washington – “Fists of Fury”

John Coltrane – “Nature Boy”

John Coltrane – “Untitled Original 11383”

The Wolfgang Dauner Quintet – “Take Off Your Clothes To Feel The Setting Sun”

Sonny Clark – “Melody for C”

The Chosen Few – “Birth Of A Playboy”

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