28, 29 Julho


Sábado, 28 Julho

Nature Zone – “Porcupine”

Barbara St Clair ‎– “Teacherman”

Funkadelic – “Cosmic Slop”

Gordon’s War – “Got To Fan The Flame”

Juice – “Feel Like Good Music”

Band X (Craig Peyton) – “Home”

Leong Lau – “Another Morning No.37”

Carrie Cleveland – “Love Will Set You Free”

Don Cherry – “Bamako Love”

Sunrise Ltd. – “Our love will grow”

Isaac Hayes – “A Few More Kisses To Go”

Junior Mance – “Don’t Cha Hear Me Callin’ To Ya”

The Trumains – “Ripe for the Pickin”


Domingo, 29 Julho

Janet Dubois – “Queen of the highway”

The Fatback Band – “(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop”

Backyard Construction – “I want your lovin”

The Devoted Souls – “Keep On (Holding On)”

Sir Ted Ford – “Disco Music”

Karin Jones – “Here I go again”

Labi Siffre – “Doctor Doctor”

Larry Nozero – “Tune for L.N.”

Vincent Gemignani- “Insidieusement Les Elfes “

Lamont Johnson Sextette – “Aces”

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