4, 5 Agosto



Sábado, 4 Agosto

Alberto Continentino – “Ao som dos Planetas”

Spanky & Our Gang – “Without Rhyme Or Reason”

Tenorio Jr. – “Nebulosa”

Salena Jones – “Summertime”

Brainstorm – “We’re On Our Way Home (Pt. 1 & 2)”

Christy Essien –  “Take Life Easy”

Curtis Mayfield – “Radio Spot #1”

Curtis Mayfield – “No Thing on Me (Cocaine Song) Instrumental”

Little Beaver – “Groove On”

Yambu – “Sunny”

Jon Lucien – “Listen love”

Zeca do Trombone- “Na cara desse cara”

Syncro Jazz – “For Guzi”

Osmar Milito – “Mais Cedo ou Mais Tarde”

Universe – “George Semper”


Domingo, 5 Agosto

Valentine Brothers – “Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)”

Sharon Revoal – “Reaching for our star”

Stylus – “Natural Feeling”

The Philadelphia Experiment- “Ain’t If the Truth”

Patsy Gallant – “Te Caliente”

Bobbi Humphrey – “The Trip”

Eliana Pittman – “Vou Pular Neste Carnaval”

Puzzle – “State Of Mind”

Pieces – “Heaven Must Have Made You”

Peter Brown – “For your love”

Casual T – “Hands Off”

Chi – Lites – “Inner City Blues”

Eddie Kendricks- “Date With The Rain”




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