11, 12 Agosto


Sábado, 11 Agosto

Maurice Moore – “Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold”

Hamilton Bohannon – “A happy song for you, part I”

James Gadson – “Good Vibrations”

James Mason – “Sweet Power Your Embrace”

Odia Coates – “Chump Change”

Zé Roberto – “Lotus 72D”

Donald Byrd – “Where Are We Going”

Jon Lucien – “Maiden Voyage”

Natural Essence – Killin’ time”

F.B.I. – “Talking About Love”

Sherman Hunter – “Dance to the freedom”

Stephen Encinas – “Disco Illusion”


Domingo, 12 Agosto

Soft Soul Transition – “Soft Soul Transition”

Sly & Family Stone – “Family affair”

Timmy Thomas – “Why can’t we live together”

Stevie Wonder – “Golden Lady”

Manu Dibango – “Aphrodite shaken”

Phylliss Bailey – “Gonna keep on trying”

Cerrone – “Hooked on you”

Michel Sardaby – “Welcome new warmth”

Herbie Hancock – “Nobu”

Leon Ware – “Rockin you eternally”

Shadow – “Mystery dancer”

Terry Callier – “Just as long we’re in love”

Ike White – “Changin times”


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