18, 19 Agosto


Sábado, 18 Agosto

Aretha Franklin – “What A Fool Believes”

Lionel Hampton – “Where were you when i needed you”

Johnny Pate – “Shaft In Africa”

Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes – “Sweet Music Soft Lights And You”

The Fatback Band – “(Are You Ready) Do the Bus Stop”

Asphalt Jungle – “Freakin’ Time Pt. 1”

Waltel Branco – “Meu balanço”

The Frank Cunimondo Trio ft. Lynn Marino – “Feelin’ good”

Don Cunningham – “Tabu”

Etuk Ubong – “Battle for Peace”

The Original Black Sheep Of The Family – “In The Forest pt.2”

Majestics – “Class A”

James Brown – “I Love You For Sentimental Reasons”

Judy Roberts – “Never Was Love”

The S.S.O. Orchestra – “Faded Lady”


Domingo, 19 Agosto

Aretha Franklin – “Respect”

Omar – “There’s Nothing Like This”

Sunbear – “Let Love Flow For Peace”

Ashley Henry, The RE- Ensemble – “The World Is Yours”

Gene Dunlap – “Party In Me”

 Ojeda Penn- “Brotherson Instrumental”

Teakwood – “Can You Dig It”

Ramp – “Daylight”

Kirk DeGiorgio Presents 21st Century Soul- “Amalia”

Bill Brown – “Bip Bam (Part 1)”

Emanative – “New Day (feat. Ahu)”

Michael Boothman & Family Tree ft. Andre Tanker – “Tabu”

Margo Thunder – “Expressway To Your Heart”

Clifton Dyson – “I’m Giving Up”

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