22, 23 Junho


Sábado, 22 Junho

Ray, Goodman  & Brown – “Another Day”

Boz Scaggs – “Lowdown”

Fred Johnson – “A Child Runs Free”

Donny Hathaway -“Bossa Nova”

Jon Lucien – “Luella”

Deodato – “Super Strut”

Side Effect – “Always There”

The Jones Girls – “Dance Turned Into a Romance”

E.L. James – “The Face of Love”

Minnie Ripperton – “Memory Band”

Lloyd McNeill – “Home Rule”

Ramp – “Come Into Knowledge”


Domingo, 23 Junho 

The Sisters Love – “Give Me Your Love”

Afro-Cuban Band – “Somethings Gotta Give”

Annette Peacock – “Solar Systems”

George Duke – “Back To Where We Never Left” 

Horace Silver – “Ive Had A Little Talk”

Travis Biggs – “Tibetan Serenity”

Steve Davis – “Lalune Blanche” 

Azar Lawrence – “Gratitude”

Max Leth – “Taboo”

Gary Wilson –  “New York Surf “

Gelson Oliveira & Luiz Ewerling – “Acordes E Sementes”

Hareton Salvanini – “Xavana”

Angelillo et Hamel – “Céphalée”

 Band X – “Home”


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