27, 28 Julho


Sábado. 27 Julho

Ashley Henry – “Déjà vu”

Gil Scott-Heron – “Dont Give Up”

Tarika Blue – “Dreamflower”

HE3 – “Make It Sweet”  

The Golden Flamingo Orchestra – “The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us”

Cykada – “Dimension Stepper”

Timeless Legend – “(baby) Don’t Do This To Me”

Os Tubaroes – “Tabanca”

Wendell Harrison – “Take Time Out” 

Sarah Tandy – “Light/Weight”

Seeds of Fulfillment – “In The Time Of Need”

Dwight Trible – “Mothership”


Domingo, 28 Julho

Garden Of Eden – “Everybody’s On A Trip”

Four Bellow Zero – “My Baby’s Got E.S.P”

Congress – “Something That You Got (Real Hot)”

Inch by Inch – “If It’s Magic (We Don’t Want It)”

Potion – “City Girls”

Spookey – “Friends”

Roy Ayers – “Fikisha (To Help Someone To Arrive)”

Shades Of Love – “Come And Make Me Feel Good”

Jack Sass Band – “Save My Life”

Marcos Valle – “A Paraiba Nao e Chicago”

Sylvester – “Over and Over”

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