10, 11 Agosto


Sábado, 10 Agosto

Barbara Lewis – “Thankful For What I Got”

Breakwater – “Feel Your Way”

João Donato – “Tim Dom Dom”

Louis Hayes – “Little Sunflower”

Tim Maia – “Let’s Have a Ball Tonight”

Gloria Ann Taylor – “How Can You Say It”

Sister Sledge – “Easier To Love”

Pure Pleasure – “By My Side”

Bobby Broom – “Find Yourself”

David Hamilton – “Pisces Pace”

James Clay – “Pavanne”

The Singers Unlimited – “Stone Ground Seven”

The Spirit of Atlanta – “Messin’ Around”


Domingo, 11 Agosto

Roy Ayers – “Poo Poo La La”

Norman Connors – “Be There In The Morning”

Leo’s Sunshipp – “Give Me The Sunshine”

Patrick Gammon – “When Can I See You”

Sunrise – “Ease It On In”

Paz – “Yours Is The Light”

Light Of the World – “London Town ’85”

Ezra Collective – “Space is the Place”

Ralph Thomas- “Big Spliff”

LeRoy Hutson- “So Much Love”

Peter King – “African Dialects”

Ron Everett – “Glitter Of The City”

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