21, 22 Setembro


Sábado, 21 Setembro

Aquarian Dream – “You’re A Star”

Darrow Fletcher – “Improve”

St. Maarten’s The Rolling Tones – “It’s a Feeling”

The Revolution of St. Vincent – “The Little You Say”

Sai Whatt?? – “She’s My Woman”

Headhunters – “If You’ve Got It, You’ll Get It”

Harvey & the Phenomenals – “Soul & Sunshine”

Pure Funk – “Nothing Left Is Real- Remastered”

Caprells – “Close Your Eyes”

Gloria Jay – “I’m Gonna Make It”

Dayton Sidewinders – “Funky in Here”

Leon Mitchison – “Street Scene”

Harvey Mason – “Groovin’ You”

Randolph Baker – “Getting Next to You”


Domingo, 22 Setembro

Robert Glasper – “Lovely Day”

Marcos Valle – “Alma”

Mocky – “The Come Up”

Phil Moore Jr – “Funky Canyon”

Michael Longo – “Like A Thief In The Night”

Meters – “Find yourself”

Boncana Maïga – “Koyma Hondo”

Magnum – “Evolution”

Karma – “Kwanzaa”

Lafayette Afro Rock Band – “Ozan Koukle”

The Hastings Street Jazz Experience (Will Davis) – “Mark 1”

Patrice Rushen – “Kickin’ Back”

O’donel Levy  – “Bad Bad Simba”

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