28, 29 Setembro



Sábado, 28 Setembro

Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose – “Too Late To Turn Back Now”

Jean Carn -” Lonely Girl In A Cold Cold World”

Jimmy Mcgriff – “It Feel So Nice (Do It Again)”

Marvin Gaye  – “Funk Me (The John Morales M+M)”

Patchworks – “RIP with John Coltrane”

Terry Callier – “Holdin’ On (To Your Love)”

The Fatback Band – “Goin To See My Baby”

Bernard Purdie – “Lialeh”

Chic – “Open Up”

Harvell Guiton – “My Dream”

Hilton Felton – “Bee Bop Boogie”

Little Beaver – “Listen To My Heartbeat”


Domingo, 29 Setembro

The Sylvers – “We Can Make It If We Try”

Bill Brown – “Bip Bam (Thank You Ma’am)”

Carlos Dafé – “Bem Querer”

George Duke – “Yana Aminah”

Cold Blood – “Just Like Sunshine”

David Nunez – “Times Are Gettin’ Hard”

Experience Unlimited – “Peace Gone Away”

Nuyorican Soul – “Nautilus (Mawtilus)”

The Harden Brothers – “Deep Inside Of You”

Gil Scott-Heron –  “Jazz (Interlude)”

Eddie Henderson – “Inside You”

Gerald Clayton – “Unforeseen”

Leon Thomas – “Shape Your Mind To Die”

The Pharaohs- “Freedom Road”

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