9, 10 Novembro


Sábado, 9 Novembro

Bill – “Space Lady”

Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson – “No Deposit no Return”

Truth & Devotion – “I Must See my Lord”

Betty Wright – “It’s Hard To Stop”

Ted Coleman Band – “Can you feel it”

Right Direction – “Midnight Rhythm”

Visions Of Tomorrow – “Galaxy”

Larry McGee Revolution – “The Burg”

Jimmy McGriff – “Cumayon”

Frederick Hymes III – “Time Ain’t Gonna Do Me No Favour”

Dorothy Ashby – “Come Live With Me”

Clea Bradford – “Summertime”

Donny Hathaway – “Bossa Nova”

Blossom Dearie – “Sunday Afternoon”

War – “Deliver the Word”

James Tatum – “Rite Of Peace”


Domingo, 10 Novembro

Dwight Sykes –  “If You Want My Love”

Norman Weeks & the Revelations – “I Just Wanna Sing For You”

Sylvester – “I Can’t Believe I’m In Love”

Ernest Baker – “Alone Again”

Jackie Stoudemire – “Guilty”

Love Transfusion – “Stands to Reason”

Roundtree – “Lightning Striking Twice”

Star Quad – “Booty Shaker”

The Last Generation – “Just A Chance in Life”

Pieces Of Peace – “Pass It On”

Willie Henderson & The Soul Explosions – “Loose Booty”

Patrice Rushen – “Settle For My Love”

Mike Westbrook – “Original Peter”

Gerardo Frisina ft. Norman Winstone – “Will You Walk A Little Faster?”

Michael Garrick – “To Henry, A Son”


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