11, 12 Janeiro


Sábado, 11 Janeiro

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes -“Wake Up Everybody”

Funk Inc. –  “Let’s Make Peace And Stop The War”

Bridge – “Stella”

Wings – “Arrow Through Me”

Ruby Rushton – “Overture 1”

Both Worlds – “Freedom Jazz Dance”

War – “Slippin’ Into Darkness”

Boz Scaggs & Band  – “Here To Stay”

Jaime & Nair – “Sob O Mar”

Ted Moses Quintet – “Hidden Strength”

Khan Jamal -“The Known Unknown”

Levitation Orchestra – “Mystical Yang”


Domingo, 12 Janeiro

Ernestine Anderson – “Love for Sale”

Jon Lucien – “Would You Believe In Me”

Povo ft. Andy Bey – “Celestial Blues”

Golden Mean – “Tightrope”

The Jazz Epistles, Hugh Masekela, Dollar Brand – “Uka-Jonga Phambili”

The Visitors – “Naima”

Lee Willhite – “The World Is A Ghetto”

The Notations – “Superpeople”

Ned Doheny – “Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?”

John Edwards “Tin Man”

John Lennon – “Bless You”

Muriel Grossmann – “Okan Ti Aye”

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