25, 26 Janeiro


Sábado, 25 Janeiro

Pleasure – “Ghettos of the Mind” 

Rare Silk – “Red Clay”

Ashley Henry – “Pressure (Instrumental)”

Erlon Chaves – “O Anjo e o Diabo”

Resavoir ft. Brandee Younger – “Taking Flight”

Marcia Griffiths – “Children At Play”

Trio Lorraine Desmarais – ” The Mystery Man”

Carolyn Anderson – “We’re Gonna Be Just Like Him”

Lee Fields & Sagitarian Fire Band – “Everybody Gonna Give Their Love Away”

Toni Tornado – “Tornado”

Les Hurdle – “Soul Train”

The Four M Company – “Live To Be Someone”


Domingo, 26 Janeiro

Eric Tagg – “Living Off The Love”

J.R. Bailey – “Just Me ‘N You”

New Horizon – “True Love Part”

Odia Coates – “Chump Change”

Sass – “Life”

Reggie Andrews and the Fellowship- “Song For J”

Syncro Jazz – Gato Preto

Orpheus – “Follow Me”

Hampton Hawes – “Sun Dance”

Kalima – “Land of Dream”

Johnny Griffith – “O.D. (Over Dose)”

Tony Crockett – “Queen Of Hearts”

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